Artic Apex

The Artic Apex is a special design which combines some of our favourite features from the past 40 years of experience in wooden house designs. Living in this house is a design dream come true with plenty of natural light and functionality. We have designed a variety of floor plan options for you to choose a perfect fit for your life. 

Artihouse 01 v1 Camera003Artihouse 01 2nd floor v1Artihouse 01 v2 Camera02Artihouse 01 v2 exterior Camera002Artihouse 01 v3 Camera04Artihouse 01 v3 Camera05Artihouse 01 v4 Camera001Artihouse 01 v4 Camera03Bathroom


Floor plan option 174



Floor plan option 197



Floor plan option 205



Floor plan option 216




Floor plan option 246



Floor plan option 260




Floor plan option 265