Versatile and bespoke log home collections


The extensive collection of Artichouse provides you with ideas for the building of your dreams. Whether your dream is a modern or traditional home, or you prefer Alpine or Scandinavian design, you will find inspiring log houses from our collection. All models can be tailored to fit your preferences, bespoke designs are our specialty.

  • Scandinavian design at its finest. The impressive glass front makes the landscape a part of your everyday life. Tunturi Collection is one of the most popular collections of Artichouse.

  • The Artic Frame of Artichouse is a versatile collection that combines techniques of post and beam & timber frame building. In the collection’s modern wood houses, the large glass surfaces open a beautiful view to the nature.

  • Functional and modern Nordic designs for luxury living.

  • Artic Apex is a special design that combines some of our favourite features. Living in this house is a design dream come true with plenty of natural light and functionality.

  • The Artichouse log cabins represent traditional and durable Finnish summer homes that fit any landscape. Cabins that honor the log house tradition.

  • Our extremely popular log home collection, which includes classics that have not lost their appeal over time. Reliable, sturdy and practical log homes.

  • Clear and curved shapes, broad and light rooms and spacious porches. Natural Collection is a natural and modern collection.

  • Artic Urban is our design collection made with non-settling logs. These designs fit an urban environment much better than rustic log home designs.